Tuesday, October 7, 2008

. . . were electronically hi-jacked

First, I cannot get a good shot of this painting. . . if I use a flash, it glares; if I don't use a flash, there is insufficient light to make sense of the picture. . . and no photo-editing seems to help. So once again I'm posting a lousy shot of my art. Sorry. I really wish you could seem the details in the center of the painting. There is not a big hunk of white there. It is very cloudy and dark out today so anothe rphoto will just have to wait till the sun shines.

Second, my blog was hijacked yesterday. I had comments on yesterday's post that are obviously spam. And I had three times as many hits as normal. As much as I would like to attribute that fact to my amazing art and sparkling written repartee, I know better. The suspect hits were from all over the world. I changed the settings on the blog so that I can now pre-screen the comments so I don't have to read about whether or not I want to buy stock. I don't know how to delete these comments from my blog. But they did show up in my email. I was careful not to open them and deleted them from my email list as well as from the recycle bin.

To the bloggers that know more than I do: is this something I should worry about? Is there anything else I need to do?


Catherine said...

oh no...I have no advice since I'm a blog novice but moderating comments for the future is probably your best bet. What a bummer.

Holly Olinger said...

The spams come from automated software that scans a site like your blog which does not have the moderation enabled. By turning that on, you should avoid more problems. I run several forums and we had a huge out break of this last week until we got a software update. No harm done in the end result, it's just bothersome.

Mary Buek said...

Catherine, these hits came from places like Dubai and other places I have never even heard of. I'm sure some nefarious is going on, so I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Mary Buek said...

Thanks for the reassurance, Holly. Moderation is in effect now.