Sunday, October 19, 2008

. . . kept wackiness going

I would have to say that these latest two paintings are close to the most innovative I've done, ergo the wacky-factor at work down in the studio. Maybe it's because I turned on the heat in the house and the furnace down there is emitting some sort of magic wacky fumes.

Most of the bottom of this painting (inspired by an old wall, tweaked by photoediting) is encrusted with the foam spray that I then spread out before it expanded completely so it wouldn't look too much like foam spray. The texture is crunchy, crispy, very tactile. . . you want to touch it. On the upper portion of the painting, I used a color of blue that I had never used before. . . bright purplish-blue. I was almost afraid to use it. . . what if it was all wrong and screwed up the whole painting. But I do like how it adds a certain punch to the whole thing.

I wish you all could see this in person; it's really much better than the photo shows. This painting currently hangs in my dining room in the "iffy" painting spot. I'm still waiting to see how much I really like it. I hope it eventually moves to the "sure thing" pile, because this one took quite a while to finish. In fact, my back still aches from standing there messing with it. Maybe I'll rest today. . .but I have another canvas ready to go and a couple of ideas floating around in my head. They are not quite as wacky. . . but I have a lot of those ideas floating around in there, too.


seth said...

Move it to the "sure thing" stack. It is a keeper!

Mary Buek said...

Hi, Seth; you must be back from traveling. Thanks for your "sure thing" vote. Can't wait to visit your blog and see what goodies you found in your wanderings.