Sunday, October 5, 2008

. . .loved this painting

I really do. . . and I don't particularly care if anyone else does or not. I love the background color, the texture, and the lines. After Catharine made a comment yesterday on this blog, I began to think that yes, perhaps subconsciously I was trying to impose order on chaos by painting all the stripes lately. I am just not a very deep thinker. . . but she's right. Things have been chaotic around here lately, from the national level to the personal level. I have been a total hermit, hiding out, painting, reading, watching television, looking around the internet a bit more than usual. Externally I've been quiet, calm. . . internally I've been in an uproar. Perhaps that comes through in my paintings?

In my post yesterday I mentioned the spray foam texture; the picture above is a close-up of some of the texture. The lines in the painting are not black. . . they are navy blue. And they are painted on rather lightly, then sanded, to that some of the background color shows through.

Here's another close-up of the texture. The background color started with several layers of a combination of quin burnt orange and transparent burnt umber. Then I spray painted an orange-red, very lightly in some places and more heavily in others. Then I gave the whole thing washes of transparent burnt umber, finally rubbing it in to highlight the texture of the foam and the texture of the plaster I used, and leaving some dark spots to age the thing.

I plan to keep painting at a brisk pace until about October 11, when the art rep comes back to town. I will give him my latest pieces then, if he wants them, and see how the sales are going. If stagnant, I will stop for a while. I feel my annual autumnal nesting instincts kicking in; I want to pay some attention to my home's interiors. I am already thinking about my Thanksgiving family gathering (one of two times a year that I actually cook anything.) And I must clean out my closet. I can't find anything I need.


Sherrie said...

I love your paintings too. And your junk yard photos. I realized that you might try ceiling texture spray found at HD. It comes in a aerosol can and is used to touch up popcorn or textured walls. Keep up the great work!

Catherine said...

everythings bubbling up...I like this painting too...and the striped paintings as well! Rich deep color here - everything's percolating...

Mary Buek said...

Sherrie, thank you. As to the junkyard photos, the junkyard area has become extremely dangerous this summer, with crime and murder rates rising sharply. I don't think I can get my husband to take me back there soon. And I forgot about that popcorn ceiling stuff. We used it in our old house once. . .thanks for the tip.

Catherine: You're right again, bubbling up from under the surface. My post may have seemed defensive, but my husband had just told me that he didn't like this particular painting, it didn't have the colors he liked in it. I guess it's good that he doesn't just say, "Yeah, it's great" and not mean it.

Catherine said...

not defensive at all, is subjective so I realize that we can't please all the people..yada yada..
I don't show my work (very often) and certainly not to my husband...he doesn't get it - doesn't like it and I don't need another voice like that in my head. A professor once told me that I should never ask the opinion of anyone whose opinion I did not trust...guess that's true for art too.