Saturday, October 18, 2008

. . . indulged the wacky-factor

Oh, this will be BIG. . . I just know it. Here is progress on the first woven canvas I have created. It includes a bit of everything. . . painted crusty blue tape, handmade stamps, stencils, random marks, my own pictures that I've edited to black-and-white; long pointy sticks, strings tied in knots, wallpaper bits, pages from an antique etiquette book, spray paint. And it's not necessarily done yet. . . I can keep adding stuff. Now all I need to do is figure out how to hold the whole thing together. Glue it to some sort of heavy sold substrate (wood?); I could then even use wax/encaustic paint on it? Stretch the whole thing on a frame and staple the individual strips to the back of the frame?

Yesterday I googled weaving strips of painters' canvas. And guess what? Other folks have done this before. Can you believe it? I'm not the first?? I'm not a creative genius, but rather a tight-fisted slowly-going-broke "unrepentant scrounger" willing to use trash to make art? (I hope everyone recognizes sarcasm here. . .) But again, I will say, this will be BIG. . . because of the wacky-factor. Yessiree, the wackier a piece of art, the more people will love it. . . I guarantee it. But just wait for the next woven canvas piece. . . it will be even wackier.


Catherine said... me WACKY!! I so like this...and the whole idea of *holding it together* timely since we're all trying to do the same. Recycled, re-purposed, found objects and woven like the fabric of our lives (am I stealing this phrase too?)....and then stretched and waxed over...oooh, the symbolism!

Carol Wiebe said...

I love the piece, so far, and I love your spirit! Wackiness is your word . . . I say wonky! So, wacky or wonky, I can hardly wait to see the finished piece!

Anonymous said...

This is cool-go wacky more often-I like this side of you. Great photo.

Love, Anna

Mary Buek said...

Oh, Catherine. . . will you please write all my artists statements and talk with my art rep. . . he always wants me to say stuff like this, and I can't ever think of it. This is sooo good. May I quote you?

Carol. . . wonky is good too. W/W will take over the world. What else can you do when life as you know it is about to crash down all around you?

Anna. . . if anyone should know that I am wacky, it should be you (and the rest of the family). Glad you like it. Wat it for Christmas?

Catherine said...

you certainly may quote's nice when I can actually put my journalism degree to good use, lol.