Thursday, October 30, 2008

. . . predicted the future

and this is it??? I showed this to my art rep on a whim yesterday, saving it to the very last. I had told him I had some very experimental work. He love it. . . he promptly wanted four more of them. Remember, this was the wacky factor at play in my studio last week. The woven canvas scraps, the used crunchy painted masking tape, the homemade and purchased stamps, bits and pieces of paper from the trash, stencils, some of my own photographs, wallpaper border scraps, spray paint, wooden skewers, twine and string. . . there is even a winning McDonald's Monopoly ticket off a large diet Coke for a free breakfast muffin. . .

Remember, I called it. . . said it was going to be the next big thing. . . said it sarcastically, sardonically, facetiously, jokingly. . . but I am absolutely gob-smacked. I just hope that I can retrieve the sense of nonsense I felt when I created it. . . I just let go, no thought to what I was doing. I hope I don't start to overthink these.

And, here's the thing. . . he didn't even see the truly wacky one I've been working on, the prototype with slashes, burns, sewed-up rips, wire, mesh, etc. And, he arranged a show for me toward the end of February. And I got another check. And Blue Valley North High School wants me to come back and display my art for its art students in mid-November. A truly amazing day.


self taught artist said...

good for you!!!

13moons said...

I love this one. I'm glad your agent liked it.


I have a question for you. You post all your images online without watermarks, yet I know that you have had some concerns with people copying your work...what about printing out their own prints of your paintings...does that worry you at all? I know of a lot of artists who post things on their blogs and websites the same way, so I'm just curious.


Mary Buek said...

Paula, thanks.

Anita: I got over the copying worries. . . it's kind of like a burglar. . . if a person really wants in your house, he's going to get in, one way or another. Same with copying. . . so if someone in Dubai or Des Moines wants to copy, they will find a way. I have other things to worry about, I guess.

seth said...

First of all, I love this piece, the idea behind it and all the ingredients. Second, congratulations on all these wonderful professional accomplishments!

Mary Buek said...

Thank you, Seth; I was invited to the high school art careers day last year and it was fun. The kids HAD to interview me as part of an assignment, but they had most unusual questions and some seemed really interested. I will take this woven painting with me and tell them about it. That ought to inspire them to use up their scraps.