Wednesday, October 29, 2008

. . . rescued an orphan

painting, that is. This is actually the painting that put me in a funk a few days ago. It was going nowhere and it really was boring me. With not much to lose, I mixed up a concoction of fiber paste and various red and orange paints and spread it over the top of what I had already painted. A few splashes of black here, a few of gray there. . . call it done. I actually like it now.

My art rep called me last night. He is coming to town today and will pick up the six paintings I have ready for him. He tells me what I suspected. . . the economic downturn has effected the sale of art in a major (bad) way. He had urged me to paint bigger pictures. . . now he has requested that I paint smaller and in multiples. . . which I will do happily. It not only costs the purchaser less, it costs me less, too, both in time and supplies. I'm looking forward to it. I told him I had some highly experimental stuff that I might or might not even show him (the woven stuff) and he said basically the same thing I did. . . the wackier, the better. But I think I will spend some time honing the technique before I send the wacky ones out into the world.


Catherine said...

this painting looks just like the early pre-dawn sky this morning...that pinky/orange/red glow.

And yay! for wacky...I need a good dose of wacky this week *grin*

Mary Buek said...

Okay, Catherine. . . I used your words to describe this painting to the art rep. . . it saved him from having to make something up. Thank you, thank you. Keep 'em coming.

Catherine said...

good! By the way, Mary, does your rep sell online or galleries or shows or what?

Mary Buek said...

Catherine: As far as I know, he does not sell on line. I think his wife's gallery does have a website but they don't post pictures on it. I think he primarily puts on shows, and has various contacts in galleries, museums, decorators, designers, and collectors.