Thursday, October 23, 2008

. . . displayed clean babies

Since I have no new art ready to share, I will instead show you two others pieces of work. . . well, actually three. . . That's Stephanie (one of two of my masterpieces) with Betsy just out of the bath at our house on Sunday night. Betsy is getting so big. . . she'll be four next month. Her legs are so long. . . she's like a willow branch.

And here is Joe (not Sixpack nor the Plumber), all fresh and clean. The little ones always take their baths at Nana's house on Sunday nights after supper. Nana has accumulated various bath toys and bubble-creating concoctions for their pleasure. Joe (in stark contrast to Betsy at the same age) loves to turn on the jets in the tub, creating even more "bubbas." Joe has the most sensitive skin. . . see the redness around his mouth and cheeks? We put on some of Nana's magic lotion.


Anonymous said...

What a trio of cuties (including Stef). Gosh Joe looks so much like Uncle Matt. Thanks for the photos. It made my day.


Catherine said...

wonderful photos - the smell of *fresh washed* children should be bottled - all snuggly. What joys they must be.

Mary Buek said...

Hi, Anna, got your "check in the mail". . . my check was in the mail to Susan at the time. Yes, they are kinda cute, aren't they? Betsy had just been in big trouble because she lied to me about her parents giving her permission to go jump on the neighbors' trampoline. So she wasn't very happy. Joey just looks confused. How are the girls doing? Mom said E is doing much better now. Good.

Mary Buek said...

Catherine: Their visits on Sunday evenings are the high spots of my week.