Monday, October 27, 2008

. . . just couldn't think

about a title for today's post, let alone a topic. So here's an old picture from March, 2008.

On Saturday I took Betsy to get a Halloween costume. She wanted to be a princess. When we got to the store, in the costume section, she first found a lovely pink ensemble that was perfect. Three steps down the display, she found one she like even better, pink with gold mesh; around the corner and down the other side, she found yet another princess costume, white faux velvet with a hoop skirt. Then we found a beautiful purple and blue Ariel (Littlest Mermaid) costume that completely invalidated all the other costumes that had come before. Except for the cheerleader costume that she wanted to buy for next year. After much discussion and "are you sure? are you postively sure?" we got the Ariel costume and went to her house to try it on. It itched, it was scratchy, she cried, "I wanted to be a princess." She put her X-large red KU T-shirt on under the scratchy costume. . . no, no, no, it still was itchy. She was inconsolable. Then her mom came home, they compromised on various options and Betsy went to her party as Ariel with her face made up to somewhat resemble a cat.

Then Joey and I had some on-on-one time. We went for a ride in the car. . . first he kicked off his shoes. Then he spilled all of a sack of cheese fishes in his carseat. Then he stretched out his foot and with his prehensile toes managed to push the button to lower the window on his side of the car. He was ecstatic. . . "win-down". . . perfect use of his words, the window and down and the wind was rushing in. As he started to throw stuff out the window, however, I pushed my button to make the window go back up. He saw what was happening and managed to put his foot on the window as it was rising. . . something bad happened then and now the window won't go up or down. It's stuck and man, is it ever "win-down."

Had a dream about art . . . using a couple of pieces of old canvas. . . including some of the woven canvas intersperse with string and twine and wire and paper. Will try to remember the dream and recreate the piece of my dreams, so to speak.


Catherine said...

man...sounds like a lesson in Betsy's costume hunt...guess we've always got to adjust when our best expectations don't quite pan out. Sounds like it all worked out she looked adorable. And I see that your little Joey is going to be a brilliant engineer! LOL

Anonymous said...

OK, you gave me my laugh for the day. I can just imagine Joey having a blast and Betsy, not so much. Hope she had fun at her party and give both of them a big trick or treat hug and kiss from Auntie Anna

Mary Buek said...

Catherine & Auntie Anna: I remember before Betsy was born, Andy, her father, told me they wouldn't have any discipline problems with their kids. . . they would simply reason with them. At the time I laughed, and I'm still laughing. And we now have locks in place on the car windows.