Friday, October 3, 2008

. . . watched the debate

and she didn't step on her . . . wait, she doesn't have one of those. She did okay, if ya like that sorta thing, all you Joe Sixpacks and Hockey Moms, you betcha, god bless ya, darn it. Just remember, Joe Sixpack is sitting in the White House right now, just counting the days until he can go home. And you know where that got us, right? Say it ain't so, Joe. . .

Another striped painting I finished recently. It was inspired by the box of an old game that I have, but I changed the colors. . . just wanted to experiment with some of the combinations I've been thinking about.

Sharing my scattered thoughts: The other day I found out that mathematicians had "discovered" a new prime number. Wow. Everybody but me probably knows that a prime number is divisible by only two other numbers: 1 and the number itself, such as 3, 7, 11. These mathematicians ran a large network of computers, tapping into them when they were not being used for other purposes, to calculate this number. The newspaper didn't actually publish the number, because it has something like 13 million digits (I'm really not sure, but that number sticks in my mind.) I'm not sure what practical application this new prime number may have. Maybe it's just doing something for the sake of doing it. I spent some time trying to wrap my mind around "discovering a new number." Numbers are infinite. . . as long as one can count, there are numbers. There is not a last number. Yeah, I know, the object was to arrive at a new prime number, "prime" being the operative word here. But still something weird to think about.

Then I thought, "What if someone discovered a new color?" Now that would be an accomplishment. I guess you would have to change the light spectrum, and maybe the composition of the brain and eye. (Can you tell I don't know what the hell I'm talking about?) Or what if someone found a new note in music? Well, let me announce that my sister has discovered it. We were talking about our piano lessons when we were kids (after my recent blog about them.) She said the only thing she remember was "Every Good Boy Does Well." Now someone just needs to compose a Symphony in the key of W.


Catherine said...

The striped paintings are soothing somehow....ordered I guess in a time of disorder. The color combination in this one draws me in as well...Are the elements in each corner painted or something 3D? Suggests the geometry of harvested fields in progress. numbers, undiscovered colors, new musical notes....over my head but hopeful that humans still have much to discover.

Mary Buek said...

Hi, Catherine. What an insight. . . ordered in a time of disorder. The elements in the corner are not 3-D, just painted and outlined in brown and black charcoal.