Saturday, October 23, 2010

. . .jumbled a post

That is what I am offering today. . . a mixed bag of stuff I found browsing around my own picture files. I have so many photos of cool shapes and colors and grungey junky things that I could post every day for years just on what is already on the computer.

I have been very busy lately. Going crazy. I may have stopped myself, but I think it's just temporary. I could blow any minute. First, I finally quit smoking. On or about my birthday. The patch is a lifesaver. Perhaps not the best time to make this move. . . lots of stress here. but so what else is new? And I don't feel like I've quit. I feel like sucking up any second-hand smoke I can find. . . I feel like I could light one up at any minute and never look back. But so far, so good.

(Isn't this just the coolest picture?) I decided to beat the repossessors and get out of the house before they put all my stuff on the front lawn in the middle of December. So I rented a teeny tiny little place much much closer to work. I don't know what to do with all the stuff I can't take with me. But the house is cute. It has everything I require: a shower, a dishwasher, a basement, a garage with an automatic door, and a yard and garden, in what I hpe is a safe neighborhood. It also has a kitchen which I plan to paint today, a dinky little living room, two rooms that claim to be bedrooms, and actually quite a bit of closet space. The very best part for me, anyway, is the little terrace and the garden spaces. Everything I own that goes outdoors gets to move with me. It also has a Jacuzzi. . . can you beat that? Think I can become a Jacuzzi user? Can't quite picture it but . . .

My deepest sincerest thanks to Walter the Art Guy for coming through which enough scratch to pay for my first and last month rent and for a mover to relocate some of the bigger stuff, which happens on Monday. Above is one of the canvases Walter took with him last Saturday. Must have been in somewhat less of a frantic mood when I painted it. I am officially on vacation for the rest of the week from my day job, plus I get to take care of Betsy on Thursday and Friday. She told me she had received her very first report card in her whole life and it lots of plusses and check marks, but she needed to work on tying her shoes. I do so remember how hard it was to learn that particular skill, and also how hard it was to teach it to my kids. That, and blowing bubblegum bubbles and whistling.

Okay, this is the calm before the storm. . . let's go paint a kitchen.