Tuesday, October 28, 2008

. . .found internet love

La case aux fétiches, Acrylique et technique mixte / toile, 130x88cm, 2003.

Yesterday as I was working on a small prototype of a partially woven canvas, I searched the internet for wisdom. . . was it absolutely necessary that a canvas be flat? Were wrinkles and creases and rips and tears against the rules?

I found an association of French artists that more or less answered my questions. Here is the website: http://lapeaudelours.free.fr/html/artistes_et_amateurs_de_la_PDO.php. Totally amazing to me.

My one year of high school French some 40 years ago is not sufficient to translate these pages but really, who needs words when you can look at these paintings? I especially enjoy Rillon's work, like the painting above. Enjoy.


Catherine said...

ooooh, great link Mary...Rillon is delicious. I see a lot of parallels with your work.

Have you every seen the work of Fran Skiles? She mixes layers and layers of textile, paint, paper, digital prints etc. on canvas...


Mary Buek said...

Catherine: I checked out Fran Skiles at your link and a few others. Her "quilts" are so interesting. . . I sort of felt like I was blurring the line between painting and fiber art when I was working on my little prototype. . . I think if I worked with unprimed canvas, the line would be crossed. Thanks for the link.

seth said...

Great link. Thanks!

Mary Buek said...

My pleasure, Seth. Be inspired.