Monday, October 6, 2008

. . . toured the studio

. . . just random things, some created randomly, that I thought might interest other people as much as they interest me. The photo above shows a piece of the Citra-Solv paper I made last week. I just found it yesterday going back through the stack of pages that I had sprayed and smooshed together. This is one of my favorites.

And the picture above as well as the two below are a couple of layers of tissue paper that I have been keeping next to my canvases. Before I throw my brushes into the water to be cleaning, I run them over these pieces of tissue.

When I put a finish on my paintings, I will also run the roller or the brushes across these pieces of tissues. That's why these are so shiny.

Even after I've put the finish layer on the tissue, I continue to paint additional layers over the paper. I think the results are pretty interesting.

I don't remember how I acquired the piece(s) above. It is a bank of miniature vending machines, maybe from an old toy. The pieces are actually individual vending machines, about 4" tall, held together with rusty old bolts on the back. I'm pretty sure I had intended to use one or all of them in some sort of assemblage, but I think that phase of my art life is over and done with. This is just one of many many pieces of junky stuff I still have in my studio that probably needs to find a new home somewhere.