Monday, October 13, 2008

. . . shared old pictures

Here is another older picture I took with the old camera and put on the old computer. I had all these older pictures stored on flickr, so I can go back and play with them and then put them on this new computer.
I remember taking the pictures in this series; I had gone "home" to Osage City, Kansas and my brother Steve took me to this wonderful metal scrap yard right off the highway going to Burlingame, Kansas. Not a soul was around and we wandered freely all over the huge place. It had not been there when I was growing up so I didn't know about it. But Steve is an unrepentent scrounger just like I am, and he is one of the few people with whom I can go running around taking pictures of weird stuff and he won't get bored.
The above is the side of an old car that very evidently had been burned up. I did saturate the colors a bit for this photo. I think it's another example of how random and even destructive forces can result in pretty cool art.
As a side note, and just another thing to worrry about: My paper this morning reported that a guy right here in the KC metropolitan area has created a company that will provide liability insurance coverage for bloggers. He thinks there is a real market for this type of insurance. Apparently there have been in excess of 200 lawsuits filed this year as a result of what bloggers have posted, up from just 4 a few years ago. So be careful out there. . .


Catherine said...

"unrepentent scrounger" - that sounds like a great blog title. The blog insurance has a bit of a chilling effect, doesn't it?

I love this photo - it reminds me of some of the work of Ford/Forlano. I treated myself to one of their brooches for a milestone birthday. Have you seen their work?

Mary Buek said...

Oh, Catherine, it does sound like a good blog. I have not seen the Ford/Forlano work, but I am going to check out the link after I leave here.