Friday, August 8, 2008

. . . were almost finished

with the furniture that was dropped off to paint. Everything has at least one coat of paint or primer on it. Yesterday I did several layers of a sweet yellow on one of those fake French provincial small dressers and a beautiful periwinkle blue on another buffet or chest of drawers. The yellow was and remains a problem. The original finish is something not ordinarily found in nature, totally resistant to sanding. Zinsser BIN worked only marginally well. Just another piece that needs to be painted and sanded over and over again. Way past the point of any profit, but I won't put something that is shoddy out there.
Betsy and Joey came to spend the morning with me, and they have just left. Betsy showed up wearing a hula skirt. She told her mother that they must hurry to my house because it was almost 12:00 o'clock and Nana hands out trophies at noon. It was really 8:30, but I had a trophy for her, one of her Uncle Matt's little league trophies from his 8th grade team. Joe loves to be outdoors, so we played with Marley, Emerson and Avery, neighbor kids. Their favorite toys were a tent, a pizza box and an egg carton. Joe is all boy, kind of like one of those weebles my kids played with, weight at the bottom so they bounce right back up. "Weebles wobble but they won't fall down." When their mom showed up, they stripped down to nothing and played in the lawn sprinklers in the back of the house.
The above picture is (to my way of thinking) entirely too identifiable as part of a rusted barrel of some sort. I couldn't manage to crop it so that all the elements were in the picture that I wanted, without keeping some of the gravel. I loved the blue lid, and the rusty oranges, reds, yellows and whites. I'm thinking next week, maybe back to painting art.


self taught artist said...

I wouldn't have known it was a barrel. I like how the gravel and the little round opening of the lid seem to somehow match in texture/color/feel.
I scroll down and see this ongoing pattern of little round things in many of these photos. Partly reminding me of some industrial prehistoric fish species, bizarro but that is what I immediately think of.

Mary Buek said...

Paula, you're absolutely right. . . there are a bunch of little round things in my pictures. I wonder if there is some subliminal message in that? If wonder what it could be? Then again, sometimes little round things are just little round things, right? I would be interested in knowing what the Freudian analysis of little round things might be.

self taught artist said...

no kidding...Freudian analysts might have a field day with that. and the old rusty stuff, i'm sure that is some DNA mishap working itself out eh?
love the post above photo...very mysterious and scrollish.