Saturday, August 16, 2008

. . . finally posted art

The painting above is the beginning. . . just the beginning. So far, this is a vast improvement over the "mud" I created on this canvas before. Obviously there are layers and textures. I'm not sure how it will end up, but it's loosely based on a photograph I took of a rusty bolt on a piece of machinery. Right now it looks like the sun or a planet or something. I don't know what it is about my penchant for painting and photographing round things, but as Paula ( pointed out, I do it a lot.
Weird dreams filled my night. I dreamed that I had just given birth to Matt but I was so distracted that I kept losing both Stephanie and Matt. The actual birth hardly registered. . . it was one of those "squat in the field, give birth, and go back to work" deals. Stephanie at age five ran away and was wandering the halls of the hospital alone while my sister searched for her. Matt, at just a few hours old, stood up in his crib and fell out. All this time I was berating myself for not buying Matt an outfit in which to bring him home from the hospital. I finally found my husband, who was learning how to give Matt a bath from the nurse, a bit I had skipped because I already knew how to give a kid a bath. Steve was all decked out in his suit and tie, and Matt, all soapy and wet, kept wriggling away from him, too. The nursing staff did not hesitate to show its disapproval of the chaos surrounding my family.
I have no idea what event could have triggered this dream. I guess I could infer that I had a fear of losing my kids, but they are already as grown as they will ever be and have flown the coop. . . but they come back every week for Sunday supper and we all get along just fine. There's no doubt that I was a distracted mother during their early years. . . just too many roles to play, couldn't do any of them very well. But that was a long time ago. . . oh, well, just a short glimpse into my subconscious mind, where my circle fetish also resides.


self taught artist said...

i knew the minute i saw that painting it was some reversal of your photos. this time the round thing turned big.
i like it, nice colors and sort of deep ocean titanic going on.

Mary Buek said...

Thanks, Paula. . .

Martha Marshall said...

Yeah! Delicious texture and nice dramatic contrasts.

Dreams are always fascinating. And so is the question of whether they mean anything at all, or are just the brain trying to reorganize stuff during rest.

Ever had a rather disturbing dream and couldn't get rid of the feeling all day?

Mary Buek said...

Martha, happens all the time. . . sometimes I dream that my husband was a real butt, and when I wake up, I feel like he still is. Poor guy, doesn't know what he did to piss me off. Perhaps dreams really are little electrical impulses trying to reorganize your brain during its down time. Or maybe we're just trying to rid our minds of stray odds and ends of feelings that serve no purpose. But I have also solved problems and had inspirations while asleep. The mind and the brain are truly mysterious, and science and medicine have only scraped the surface of what it all means.