Thursday, August 7, 2008

. . . "holed up" yesterday

I feel like I didn't do a lot yesterday. . . not much in the way of art or painting anything, anyway. One of the dangers of getting myself cleaned up first thing in the morning is that I hate to do anything for the rest of the day that will disturb my make-up, unpaint-stained clothes, and clean hair. That's why I usually clean up before bedtime, and wake up with bed hair, looking like crap anyway, and just get to work. However, yesterday, I cleaned myself up first thing and took off to find Matt his birthday present.

Matt told me he wanted bedside table, which cracked up his dad. . . ten years ago, we wouldn't have ever imagined that Matt would want furniture for his birthday. It's actually kind of hard to believe now. But he did not want one of the pieces I was painting. . . of course not, that would have been entirely too easy. I knew this bedside table would never become a family heirloom, so I found a nice one at Target . . . they really have some good looking stuff at Target, don't they?

While I was there, I also purchased: a new floor mat for the new front steps, a new big hairclip to replace the ten-year-old one that I broke; some new coated rubber bands for my working hairdo of a ponytail, a pair of slip-on canvas shoes and a pair of black and pink rubber shower sandals to replace the old pair that I wear constantly in the summer. I can't stand flip-flops because the little thingie between my toes always gives me blisters. Absolutely everything but the bedside table was on sale.

Half-Price Books is right by Target, and since I cannot pass a bookstore without browsing, I spent some time in there, purchasing (this is awful, I know) 8 books. Nothing too deep or thought-provoking, just novels to waste time reading and enjoying. I'm kind of into mysteries and court-room dramas. Back in my early working days, I spent several years being a Secretary-Bailiff to a District Court Judge (yeah, I had to say the "Hear ye, hear ye, this court is now in session, the Honorable ** presiding. Please rise.") I was in charge of the jury whenever they were not in the courtroom, and just did various other things for the judge and the jury. So courtroom dramas are interesting to me. I like to see if my experiences are similar to those represented in novels. I sat through probably about three or four murder trials, but some of the civil trials were so boring that the jury and I had trouble staying awake.

The above photographs were all taken at the old cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri, and are of various headstones or memorials. I love the colors and the textures.


Martha Marshall said...

Oh Mary these pictures are so great! And in between -- your story. Hearing about your history in the courtroom, I know you will just love this story that I read in the St. Pete Times last week:


Anonymous said...

I hope Matt liked his table. I loved the photo of him on yesterday's blog. He's so handsome and I'm proud to be his aunt. Sounds like you had fun at Target--I went there too and bought college stuff. Sounds even more fun at the bookstore. I only buy one or two books at a time so I can keep going back for more. Talk to you later.
Love, Anna

seth said...

Incredible pictures. You have such a great eye for these types of images.

Mary Buek said...

Martha and Seth: Thanks for the compliments. I look at some of my pictures and think, "How could I ever not be inspired to paint?" Martha, the link didn't work. . .

Auntie Anna: Knowing how Matt turned out may give you some hope that Amanda may one day grow up. Unfortunately, the road to "grown up" is littered with bombs waiting to go off.