Sunday, August 31, 2008

. . . actually created art

The above picture is the first piece of art I've created in a while. . . and it felt good. It's 40 x 40" and based on one of my photographs. I have previously posted a 12 x 12" painting similar to this one, and I was requested to enlarge on that small one. I would say this painting has more random texture and markings than the other.

The above is just a small portion of the lower left corner of the painting.

At one point, when I was feeling like the biggest loser for having to resort to painting furniture, Martha Marshall ( tried to reassure me that I would probably learn a lot from painting furniture. Frog Tape is one of the things that I learned about. If you use painters' tape, I recommend this stuff. . . it absolutely does not bleed. One of the few products that actually delivers on its promises. A house painter tipped me off about it. It really worked on the furniture so I tried it on the canvas: perfect.

Sometime this week I will move my paint cans, select brushes, sanding equipment, etc. to the store. Zip has moved the painted furniture into it, and he called to tell me it really pops in the store. I'll take pictures, now that I have new batteries.


Martha Marshall said...

Thanks for the link, Mary! I can't wait to see the furniture in situ. And the studio. By the way, is this one that went to your gallery guy? Ni-i-i-ce!

self taught artist said...

interesting colours...reminds me so much of leaves and fall.
i'm curious, how come all the pictures you post are so blurry? :(
congrats on a nice big piece of art!!!

Mary Buek said...

Martha: This painting is pretty much like a small 12 x 12 that did go to the gallery guy and he wanted a bigger one, so this one is 40 x 40.

Paula: Well, I was in a big hurry to take these pictures early in the morning, so I didn't do a very good job. Also the painting was actually too big so unless I put it on the floor and climbed up on a table, I could really get a good picture of the entire thing. I will probably hang it up and photograph it properly later today. Sorry about the blur. . .