Friday, August 15, 2008

. . . juggled metaphorically-speaking

Painted furniture?
I wish I could juggle objects, like balls or knives or plates, but all I can juggle is tasks and priorities. I knew someone who learned to juggle by reading a book about it. I can't imagine that. I must be one of those people who can learn best by doing. . . which is why I was determined to go back and try to do something with the small canvas I started yesterday. So I applied some plaster to the canvas, and while I was waiting for it to dry, I started on one of the small pieces of furniture I just received. It took a long time for both to dry, I guess because of the rain and humidity. In fact, last night I checked on the canvas and it was still too squishy to paint on it without a good chance of screwing it up.
Between painting canvas and furniture, I read House Beautiful magazine. I'm always looking for pictures of elegant and/or fun painted furniture so I can use the colors on the stuff I have, trying to make junk look good. What a great issue. . . the fall colors. . . the new neutrals. . . wonderful ideas. I was in the process of painting my piece an eye-popping apple green, and coincidentally, shades of green were featured in an article, including Mario Buatta's choice of that very color in one of his designs. This piece I'm doing is a little weird. . . it is small and looks like a little dresser, but the doors on the front are fake, and instead the top lifts up. Also there is no bottom. I guess it could be a hamper or a cover-up for a trashcan, or maybe a toybox for a kids' room. My next experiment is with metallic silver paint, aged to look crazed and darkened. It's just paint, right? I can always repaint it if it doesn't work. Words to live by.
And, just when I had given up on ever hearing back from him, my NY guy called and said he was in town, would meet with me on Saturday to get more of my art, and also said he had A CHECK FOR ME. Unbelievably good timing on his part. . . I had been wondering (a) what the hell I was going to do with all those canvases I have and (b) what the hell I was thinking to try to make any more. Of course, the check could be miniscule . . . maybe I shouldn't go a shopping spree just yet. Nevertheless, as Leo Sayer sings, he "makes me feel like dancin'. . . "


Martha Marshall said...

Ooooh . . . nothing like a check to keep the creative juices going!!

Also, glad you mentioned Mario Buatta. I had forgotten all about him -- saw him on Oprah or something several years ago and was blown away. Gotta go googling now.

Mary Buek said...

Martha, definitely an incentive to keep working away. . . now I just need to get busy. Wish I was as motivated and productive as you are.