Friday, August 1, 2008

. . . discovered a secret

I don't think I've been on a picture-taking excursion since July 4. . . but I keep finding amazing things in the pictures I took that day. For instance, this is one I just edited. The numbers didn't show up in the actual picture. . . it wasn't until I started messing around editing it that I noticed them. Must be some sort of secret code. . . a message from the art gods? . . . lottery numbers? . . . Molu's phone number? . . . clue to a hidden treasure?. . .

I've been reading a book called "The Judas Strain", which is kind of like Indiana Jones, only on steroids. It's interesting what you can actually learn from novels. . . for instance, this book says that the human body is 10% human, and 90% bacteria. Also that most human DNA strands are useless. . . I wonder if that's true. . . The premise of the book is that some pre-human virus has been dormant since Marco Polo's time (he ran across it with disastrous results on his return trip to Italy from China) and is stirred up when a marine biologist accidentally finds one of Marco's ships sunk off the coast of Christmas Island. The virus attacks, turning harmless or helpful bacteria into deadlly bacteria. (Possibly what killed the dinosaurs?) A nefarious terrorist organization wants to use the virus in chemical warfare, but needs a cure before unleashing the virus on the world, so that they can at least save themselves. How do authors think up these things? I don't usually read books like this, but this one has certainly kept my interest . . . probably not great literature, but a fun summertime read.


Martha Marshall said...

Mary that sounds like a fun read for sure. Makes me want to get up off this computer chair, put my feet up, and read!

Love this picture!

Hah! I'm on Wordpress now.

Was able to import everything over there from Blogger. So yea, tired of this chair about now.

Have a great weekend!

seth said...

Great image. Rust, color, numbers and letters. What more can you ask for?

self taught artist said...

you! this is an amazing picture and I LOVE the secret you discovered. that is so cool! its like a little gift from the photo gods.
thanks for commenting, i remember you have once before and i checked your blog and loved your photos. now i see you are doing a furniture project...i've officially subscribed to your blog now. see....when people comment i get a chance to meet new people & see cool stuff! thanks!!

Mary Buek said...

Martha, as I said, I will find you wherever you are, and I have...

Seth, agree with you on all three. . . and love your "city grunge" photos, by the way.

Paula, thanks for commenting. I totally love your work.