Tuesday, August 19, 2008

. . . made it 201

I just noticed that yesterday I posted my 200th blog piece . . . every day since February 1, 2008. My goal is every day for a year. Only 165 more days. . . that many more pictures. . . the one above is of course a tree trunk, on my mother-in-law's farm. Lots of circles in this one. It's fun to look back through all my pictures and it's easy to find ones with circles, dots, etc.
Yesterday I painted an old cabinet that I think used to house an old radio. It had lived several lives. . . one in it's original state, another after having been sloppily "antiqued" a lovely puke green, probably in the '70s when that technique was so popular. As I work on these pieces, I make up a history for them. . . I imagine who owned them and what they used them for. . . my imaginings get quite complex, actually, where I invent whole families and relationships. There were lots of chunks of old finish to sand off, and I have to replace the back. I think it will make a dynamite drinks cabinet, a place to store bottles and glassware. I painted it a darkish gray and will decorate it further with an easy diamond pattern on the front, sides and top in a slightly lighter shade, maybe silver. It will be elegant. I hope.
And speaking of gray, today I have been invited to my daughter's house to break the tie on which of two different gray tiles to put in their bathroom, as well as what paint colors to use on their walls. I don't know which one of them likes what tile or what color. They have carpet and a whirlpool tub, in which the little ones like to take their baths. The carpet was there when they moved in. Carpet in a bathroom, to me, is always a mistake. Any tile they put in will be an improvement and should make their clean-up a lot simpler.
And I am also looking forward to a trip to the art supply store. I will pick up a large roll of canvas and see what other goodies are there that inspire me. I used to get excited at the prospect of clothes shopping, but now it's shopping for art supplies (and always always books.)


Gina said...

Hi Mary,
Really like this altered photo-- such rich texture and colors and future inspirations. Maybe it's not your imagination; maybe you are actually picking up the history of the furniture pieces you're spiffing up! Good fodder for a story, at any rate. Have you ever combined art and text? That would be interesting, wouldn't it?

Mary Buek said...

Gina, I used to think I could be a writer. . . however, I have disabused myself of that idea. . . maybe I am picking up the vibes of past owners of the furniture. . . wouldn't that just be too cool?

seth said...

Congratulations Mary on both your 200th post and your string of daily postings! Our gain.