Wednesday, April 16, 2008

. . . worried about Florida

The newspaper reported today that scientists have made extraordinary advances in the accuracy of the measurement of time and space. They report that "Florida is getting closer to Canada by about 1 inch every 36 years." What does that mean? Enticed by the detail, I am left to consider the implications of this statement without any clarification. I guess it demonstrates the precision of the measurement, but is Florida moving north or is Canada moving south? Or is the entire landmass of the world shrinking and the writers just decided to depict this fact in these terms? And what happens to that inch? In a couple hundred years, the real estate records are going to be in chaos. Six inches will have disappeared, I guess, defecting to Canada.


Anonymous said...

You are too much, are you worried about Stef's house in Florida? By the time we get you on an airplane the house will be gone.....JK
Took the purple painting to the art gallery down the street from my office, he thought it was very contemporary, yet very formal. Not sure if I will hang it horizontal or vertical. (This should have been done months ago)
He informed me that a glass blowing artist will be moving in next to him.
Don't worry too much about Florida, no one else is.

Mary Buek said...

Hil: I figure Andy will have found a way to make money off the shrinking real estate in Florida and my ancestors will be wealthy. Did the gallery owner like the purple painting? Where are you going to put it? The kids are back from FL and Betsy & Joe brought me some seashells. Joe loved the water, hated the sand. Fastidious little creature, isn't he? Betsy ate shrimp for the first time -- loved the butter.