Monday, April 28, 2008

. . . considered humble beauty

Cardboard in the field . . . random orderliness

With my new camera slung around my neck, I set out to find inspiration. As I explore, I snap indiscriminately . . . anything that catches my interest . . . it's okay if it's not good because I can simply delete it . . . a digital camera is as close to magic as I can get on a daily basis.

Stacked fenceposts . . . even in the chaos of a site of destruction, all point in one direction

Then the next step. . . more magic. . . editing the photos

A rock

only to discover that the simplest items, the most humble, have beauty too: a color, a texture, unexpected symmetry. A lesson for me, philosophically challenged that I am: don't overlook the simple in the glare of the glitz. Apply liberally. Repeat as necessary.

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