Tuesday, April 8, 2008

. . . waved the wheat

which is what KU fans all over the country (world?) were doing last night and continue to do today. KU: Champs in overtime. What an exciting game. This picture shows my two favorite Jayhawks: Sasha Kaun, the tall guy in the middle, and Sherron Collins, the guy on the right. Aren't they cute?
A few years ago, I was able to attend a championship game in St. Louis. KU wasn't in it, but North Carolina was, I think -- they might even have won. I took a book with me, which was a good thing, because I couldn't see a thing on the floor. We sat behind some school's student section and the kids stood up for the entire game. I didn't. What was fun and amazing was the partying in the streets before the game. The only traffic that could get through the packed crowds of people were the trucks carrying the additional beer supply.
Okay, I promise, no more basketball until fall. However, I must warn you that I really like those Kansas City Royals. They are so young and try so hard -- I feel like they could all be my sons, so I want them to win. I have cheered for them even when they were awful, which has been most of the time.

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