Monday, April 21, 2008

. . . peeled a palette

This is one of those happy accidents that happen when you're really not trying. . . it's the blobs left over from an experiment. I will have to keep experimenting. Had a busy weekend, beautiful weather, lots of family, neighborhood birthday party for Stella, my 4-year-old friend. Stella makes beautiful art, too, very abstract swooshes full and pinks and purples and blues. She and my sweet Betsy are friends, and Joey is Stella's "favorite boy."


Martha Marshall said...

Oh yeah!!! I love blobs too! It's a beautiful blob.

Mary Buek said...

Martha, I read somewhere yesterday that the only real art is random. I don't know if that's so, but I sure like random.

Martha Marshall said...

It's certainly what excites me. I look for beauty in random occurrences and don't like to interfere with them too much.