Monday, April 14, 2008

. . . endured Monday blues

My mom says she has to be "in the mood" to sew. . . otherwise she loses interest, or she doesn't take the time to make whatever she's sewing perfect, as she normally would. . .

I understand. . . I have to be "in the mood" to paint. . . and I fear that the recent intense period of experimentation and creativity that I have been experiencing is coming to an end. . . and I can't force it. . . so I will try all the usual things to keep me going:

1. my own photography and editing (like the pictures above)
2. reading about and looking at art by others
3. trying out new techniques inspired by other artists in books or on the web
4. cleaning up the mess in the studio
5. concentrate on getting some art on Etsy and completing a portfolio

Speaking of my mom, who is 80, and Etsy, I suggested to her this weekend that she and I collaborate on an Etsy shop of her own -- she is so talented and makes amazing things of the highest quality. A couple of years ago I gave her some velvet and silk crazy quilt squares I had in my fabric stash, along with some antique silver purse frames, and she made the most beautiful heirloom purses. Over the years, she has constructed everything from prom and wedding dresses to little boy sailor suits and little girly dresses and pinafores. She also forced all three of her daughters to learn to do a lot of handwork. She and my aunt taught us to knit, crochet, embroider, sew, needlepoint. I can do it all -- not well, but I can do it. One of my sisters is a knitting fanatic; she takes classes and makes amazingly cool stuff. My other sister inherited the perfection gene; she can sew like a professional, but she doesn't do it much any more. She used to makes tailored suits for herself that were phenomenal. Even my two brothers are skilled -- they are carpenters extraordinaire and can fix anything (including complete overhauls of a couple of houses). One of them paints cars, the other paints rooms. I am hopeful that some of this talent has made its way to the next generation: my daughter is a knitter, no thanks to me. My son is interested in gardening and landscaping.

Anyway, stay tuned here: I will be posting more details about Etsy stores.


Martha Marshall said...

I think it's spring fever, Mary. I've got it too! It's amazingly cool here and wintry feeling. 30's this morning in Florida!!! I just want to eat soup and look at other people's art.

So I'm looking at yours! LOL!

Congratulations on your Etsy plans! You and your Mom should definitely have a shop together. Let us know when you unveil it.

Mary Buek said...

Martha: Honestly, these days I blame everything, including "monday blues" and lack of inspiration, on hormones. Or the lack thereof. My mom had no idea what Etsy was. . . I'm going to convince her to make some baby stuff, as well as purses and pillows. I think there is a market for that stuff. It will give her something to do and hopefully some "walking around" money.