Tuesday, April 1, 2008

. . . made a mess

with my attempts to make the "crystalline paper" as referred to in my blog post yesterday. I suppose I will be able to use this paper in a collage. It was actually fun to make the paper, an exercise in loosening up, I think. I recently purchased some very nice mats at the art supply store and (okay, here comes words of wisdom) I have decided if you put almost anything in a lovely mat, it can look like art.

Way off the subject of art (I think): today's newspaper reports that two prostitutes were arrested in our upscale suburban area, operating out of a hotel. They were using the internet to make their contacts. Here's the interesting part: one of them was 50 YEARS OLD. All I can add to that is: You go, girl.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Just love your sense of design and color...
and your little grandson??
I have 3 grandchildren. twin boys 1 yr3 mo. and a grand daughter 2yr. 3 mo.. I have a very busy daughter... They decided they like brooms so usually they each have one going with it, unless they are in the cupboards feeding the crackers to the dogs or eating rocks from the potted plants or.... you know what i mean

Your work on Seths page it simply the best!!!
is your garden really that far along??? oh I am wishing for some warm days soon, take care gwen

Mary Buek said...

Gwen, thanks for the compliments. Yeah, the grandchildren are so much fun, and then when you are done with them, you can take them home. Joe & Betsy are simply the lights of my life. And no, my garden is not far along at all. That was a picture from last summer. We have had a chilly spring, and my garden is just now coming back to life slowly. Last year we had a hard frost three days in late April, ruined a lot of stuff, so I'm being very careful this year about uncovering and cleaning up the perennials. Also I'm lazy. I would rather be painting right now, and I have to go with that inspiration until it runs out.