Sunday, April 6, 2008

. . . kept working on

a highly textured painting that isn't quite ready to see the light of day yet. Sometimes I think it is done, ready to go, nothing more I can do. Then I stand back and, oh yeah, there, put some dark, adjust the light, tweak the midtone. So in the mean time, I will post another picture, highly tweaked to saturate the colors, of my walk in the park and my commune with heavy dirt-moving equipment. I used to feel guilty about dramatically altering a photograph -- I wanted it to be perfect just the way I took it. Then I figured out that I am not much of a photographer, and it's okay to use the photo-editing software any way I wanted to. I'm not trying to portray anything realistic with these pictures. I just want inspiration for my paintings, and if that inspiration comes from my own photographs, all the better.


Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous photos, I love that shot of blue. Your paintings in your previous posts are terrific too

Mary Buek said...

Thanks, Ro; I have been a fan of your blog and your art for some time. I appreciate your positive comments.

Martha Marshall said...

I love this photo. The color is glorious, and contains many paintings!