Thursday, April 3, 2008

. . . texturized, stamped & scribbled

on this small painting, 13" x 13". I'm thinking about trying to sell some of these smaller paintings on Etsy. . . I would like to hear from anyone who has Etsy experience to find out whether or not it is worth the effort, or even if it is an effort. Or if there is an interest on Etsy for art of this nature. I am fervent in my desire to make my art affordable but I would rather give a piece to someone who absolutely loves it (and I have, many times) than to sell it for peanuts. That's probably a bit contradictory, but from my point of view, it is a distinction between a meaningful gift and an impersonal retail transaction. I think most people would value a gift more than a bargain. Maybe not.


Anonymous said...

I'm mesmorized by your art, I should be getting ready to go to work, but I'm wrapped up looking at all the art you have created. I think it's time for another show. This piece would go nicely with the one I took from you on Easter. although bigger.
I love it, I'll keep checking in

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about preferring to gift a piece of art versus selling it *anonymously* for a few bucks. I get tied up in the making of a piece and its at least as important as the end result - then its difficult to haggle over a price or market it to death. Much more joyful to give it sometimes.

I raise laying hens and used to sell the eggs until I got tired of the lack of appreciation for the work involved: feeding, watering, cleaning the coop, daily care etc. only to have people say that $1.25 a dozen was too high or that there was a speck in the yolk or something. Now I just give the eggs away to those that like farm eggs and its much more satisfying. Kind of the same with my artwork.

Your current piece is so rich in color and texture. Makes me itch to get back to my studio.

Catherine in NW Illinois

Martha Marshall said...

Mary, there are some pretty savvy collectors on Etsy, so you don't have to sell for cheap prices. My experience has been good with Etsy.

Beautiful piece!

Mary Buek said...

Ah, Hildegard, by biggest fan, best confidant, and younger, beautiful and sophisticated sister. Wait a minute -- younger? beautiful? sophisticated? Tell me again why I like you so much.

Catherine: I think I would give my eggs away, too. People can be very strange, can't they? Get back in the studio, girl.

Martha: I was hoping you would chime in here. I think I will give etsy a try. Thanks.