Wednesday, April 30, 2008

. . . striped and circled

Heavy Equipment II, mixed media on canvas, 16 x 16"

Had another good day painting. These are small and quick and down and dirty, with no expectations and no worries about their saleability. . . just for the sheer pleasure of seeing what I can come up with. This painting is another based on photographs I took of earthmoving equipment at a nearby construction site, and really looks a lot like a bunch of other paintings I have done. Maybe that's called "finding your own style." I continued to evaluate and experiment with the painted paper towels, and carved a couple of stamps (including the single circle stamp shown at the bottom on this piece.) Okay, carving a circle is pretty easy, but still satisfying in the results. I have another piece set up and ready to go, the base coat on it and ready for texturizing. I have also continued to experiment with other residue of my art-making (which is a fancy way of saying I've been going through the trash) to create random works of art, which is the most fun of all. You'll be amazed to see what I have come up with.

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