Wednesday, April 9, 2008

. . . dithered in circles

for my sister. . . she wanted black and white circles . . . perhaps a set of three. . . so I tried various methods of creatively making black circles on white paper. I tried monoprinting . . . blech. Then gesso-covered tissue paper and black gesso. . . okay, but not great, not like she showed me. Regular old paint on wet watercolor paper. . . the paper was too wet. Again with watercolor paper squeegeed. . . better. Now on dry watercolor paper . . . the result is above, shown with a too-small mat. If I had ever taken any art classes I probably would have known exactly how to do it right the first time. But then I wouldn't have had any fun experimenting. My sister's house is ultra-contemporary and very, very beautiful. A set of three of these will looking smashing.


Anonymous said...

I love it, can't wait to see the other two.
I agree on watercolor paper - looks great. I'll keep checking in

Kathy Mccreedy said...

Dither on, girl! Very cool, tres chic, awesome! Now I'm inspired to try my hand at something similar, love what youv'e done, and I'm sure your sis will, too!

Martha Marshall said...

I hope you show us the three of them when they're finished. By the way, I don't think art school teaches you much about doing the perfect spontaneous expressionistic black circle. I think that takes a lot of trial and error. Looks fabulous!!