Sunday, September 14, 2008

. . . were enamored with

these small pieces of accidental art. This is crop #2 of the larger tissue paper blotting process that I blogged about yesterday. They are so free-flowing and unstructured, and so different from my usual style. I have actually painted a new large piece, but I'm waiting till the weather improves to photograph it outside. I haven't been doing any justice to the large pieces that I have photographed down in the studio.
I finally finished watching the DVD, Inkjet Transfer Techniques, Gelatin and Gel Transfer Processes for Alternative Photography and Fine Art with Bonny Pierce Lhotka. I wish there was a place that I could go to try out some of these techniques, because they look like something that would enhance my photography. But they required an outlay of a considerable amount of cash for something that might not work for me. It would be very cool if I could take the photograph above (or any other photograph, whether original or manipulated by computer), enlarge it, and apply it with the transfer techniques to a substrate with a lot of texture. There are probably other techniques that will achieve the same result. I will explore more.

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