Wednesday, September 17, 2008

. . . made studio revisions

This is yet another Picasa collage. . . the broken window is from a very cool old brick building off Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City. . . not sure if it's in Missouri or Kansas, it's kind of on the border. It's a huge old building right behind Ponack's Mexican restaurant and next to railroad tracks. It's crumbling, filled with graffitti and it's one of my favorite places to take pictures. I just wish I could get closer to it, but I'm not brave enough to go inside. I have not seen any "Do Not Trespass" signs, but then I've stayed on the far side of the tracks so far. It's been there in that condition as long as I can remember. . . it's visible from I-35 and I passed it everyday for years going to work downtown. Since there has been construction on I-35 for the past 20 years that we've lived in the area, I have been stalled in traffic a number of times, just loooking at that building. One of these days, I'm sure it will be taken down and something will replace it, so I need to take as many pictures of it as I can before that happens. The other picture that I collage with it is just a texture picture. . . in fact, it is probably the same texture picture I used in the collage I posted yesterday.

No new photographs of art yet, but I keep painting. I have 11 pieces ready to go to the rep when he comes to town at the end of September. I hope to have more done by then, too. After my recent and continuing purge of my art space, I found I had room for another 4' by 8' piece of pink insulation. The ceilings in the basement are right at 8' tall. I now have two pieces of the insulation standing beside each other, which gives me an 8' x 8' are on which to paint vertically if I so chose, and I still have the one piece on sawhorses on which to work flat.

So yesterday I was painting and was just stuck. . . so I called it finished and hung it up. Went away for a while and came back down. . . hated it, took it down, laid it flat and decided that I could not waste that much canvas. I was determined to fix it. And I did and now it's one of my favorites, one that I would keep to put in my own house. It's not exactly happy or bright, but it's subtle, with lots of different layers of paint and glaze and washes in the main part of the painting.

So today I must go paint furniture. . . some woman came to the store last week and bought, seriously, a whole housefull of furniture for her daughter. . . she bought the blue chest, the red chest, and the black sideboard that I already painted. Amazing. She wants me to paint a headboard black, so I will, I guess. Not particularly enthusiastic about it, but I won't say why at this time. . . I will just stew in my juices for a while to see if I can attain a more positive attitude.

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