Saturday, September 27, 2008

. . .created a collage

from the junk I collected during my recent purge of the studio. Just a fun little exercise to see what I could come up with. I started with a really nasty 12 x 12 stretched canvas that I purchased at an estate sale a long time ago. I had already painted over it in a lazy sort of way, thinking I really had nothing to lose by experimenting. Then I started to look for things in certain colors as I was throwing them in the trash: a paper towel encrusted with dried paint; a couple of pieces of corrugated cardboard that I had used many times over to put texture on paintings; the dried white and navy acrylic paint left in the bottom of a paint pallette; the pull tab on a cardboard box (I love the words: punch in and remove. I know some people I would like to do that to); a crushed orange metal top to some kind of bottle; the silver lining on the top of a bottle of paint. But my favorite element is something I didn't find in the studio. It's the big glob of yellow that is the main focus of the collage. I found it in a parking lot next to my car. It's part of the striping that delineates the parking spaces. It had become detached from the concrete and was just waiting for me to pick it up. this collage is constantly changing; nothing has been stuck down, glued or attached. Sometimes, if I remember, I will wipe the excess paint off a brush on this thing before I clean the brush. I'm sure some elements will be removed and replaced. It will never be done.

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