Thursday, September 4, 2008

. . . loved, hated it

I can't decide. . . when I was finished with this, I thought I hated it. . . it looks like a big black egg with no frame of reference. It was inspired by one of my photographs. . . but I may want to add some elements. I almost didn't post it.
Then I took it up to my brown and white dining room and put it up on the wall. It looked surprisingly good up there. In fact, one could consider the dark egg to be "whimsical" if one wanted to. The more I look at it, the more I think it could have deeper hidden meanings, if one were disposed to search for those sorts of things. . .
I have figured something out, though. . . someone will absolutely hate this painting, no matter what I do to it. And someone else will absolutely love it. . . When my NY contact was here, it was amazing. . . my favorite paintings were his least favorite and vice versa.
No purging yesterday. . . just cleaned up the kitchen. Today I meet with Zip at the store and start hauling in my furniture painting supplies. I hope to get some pictures to show you tomorrow because I doubt I will be painting at home today. . .

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