Tuesday, September 2, 2008

. . . started the purge

Here is another painting I recently completed. It's not based on anything, not inspired by any of my photographs. It was just random application of colors, then working it, working it. . . layers of painting, wiping off layers of paint, making random marks in the surface and on the surface, etc. But it just took me one day to complete it. It was supposed to be 40 x 40, but like an idiot, I measure the canvas and cut it to 40 x 40, so now the painting is about 35 x 35.

I have been holding on to "art supplies". . . used paper towels, used tape, bits and pieces of paper, packing materials, pieces of wood, you name it, I've kept it. But yesterday it struck me that I would never ever use most of what I had kept. . . I won't live long enough. So the purge has begun. Another reason was that I could not find a pencil in the mess of my stuff. So I have cleaned both painting tables, underneath one of the tables, the bank of drawers and a cabinet. I have barely made a dent in the mess. I loaded up three large trash bags, with probably another two or three bagsful of trash on the floor waiting to be picked up. This purge will take me forever. . . I hope I don't run out of steam and quit, because the basement studio mess is an inefficient and unattractive place to work or play as it is.


Martha Marshall said...

Love the painting! Who cares if it's 35 x 35? A piddling difference.

seth said...

Congrats on the purge...and this lovely painting. The muted colors are wonderful.

Mary Buek said...

Martha & Seth: Thanks for the comments. Martha, I agree, piddling difference in size. Just put a big frame around it or something.