Thursday, September 11, 2008

. . . had a dream

the night before last that I painted black and white stripes on a canvas. Then as I was checking my favorite blogs and websites yesterday, I ran across Graceann Warn's website ( through a reference on Bridgette Guerzon Mills's blog ( I think I was meant to paint black and white stripes. I am now inspired to do a series of paintings with stripes.
The canvas is probably about 40 x 40. I have been taking really crummy pictures of my art work lately. . . I'm sorry. The canvases I have been painting are bigger than normal; the best way to take pictures of them is to hang them up outside on the garage door. But it's been raining and/or cloudy every day so I've been trying to take pictures of the canvases in the studio and it's not really working out very well. Hope you all get the general idea, at least.


Gina said...

Mary, another wonderful painting! Dreams can be so inspiring; I've had very vivid and colorful dreams this week, as well. One in particular with complimentary colors of orange and blue, which I've been using in recent art, too.

May I add your blog to my links and would you please add mine to yours?

Mary Buek said...

Thanks, Gina. Of course you may add my blog to your links, and I will do so with yours. Do I have the correct link, though. . . I check occasionally and I haven't seen a post since May. I thought maybe you had stopped.

Gina said...

Yikes! I might not post every day but I try to weekly; hope Blogger isn't the problem. Had to write another artist when I couldn't see her Blog--I think she changed the name but my computer kept giving me an error. Mine is still Hope you can add it now and thanks for letting me add you.

Have you found any special etiquette to adding links? Do others reciprocate or just randomly add their favorites?