Thursday, June 19, 2008

. . . were getting nervous

Well, today is the day. . . the "Girls Night Out." And I will be putting my art out there for all to see. I'd rather walk naked across the 50-yard line at a Chief's football game. And it is truly a no-win situation for me. . . if someone tells me it's good, I'll think, "Oh, she's just saying that to be nice." And to be real, no one is going to tell me it's bad, but should that occur, I will be devastated. My neighbor is usually pretty honest with me. . . she nevers tells me something is bad, just that she might like something better.
I wish I had more self-confidence. I often think of a young lady with whom I worked occasionally back in my other life. She would cheerfully assert things that I knew were erroneous, but she would say them with such a sense of confidence that it would cause me to run to the statutes or other legal references to confirm what I knew was correct. This didn't just happen once, but almost every time I talked to her, and it didn't just happen with me but with everyone else in my firm that she worked with. She was almost a legend in our office. I admired her more than anything else. Nothing seemed to dampen her self-confidence. I was always afraid of making mistakes. She seemed to make them with impunity and just went about her business.
There must be some middle ground. . . between me and the young lady of legend.


13moons said...

You'll do fine! Your pieces look great. I especially like the blue and rusty mottled one at the end (from one of the bus photos, right?) It's natural to be a little nervous; I've heard that some of the best, and most renowned, actors get stage fright.
Have a great night!

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

you are a great painter, able to gather composition and emotion together in your

Anonymous said...

Good Luck, Mary. You'll do great and I'll be thinking about you.


Mary Buek said...

Dear Delta, Anita & Anna . . . thank you all for your words of encouragement. I really truly appreciate them. The show went pretty well and now I'm ready to make more art.

Martha Marshall said...

Your pieces look great hanging together. I love your story about the overly confident coworker. Isn't there one in every office? Too funny!

sgoodenow said...

It was a good show. Lot of people were interesed in your stuff, and took cards. Maybe next time have a book so people could write their contact info and you could follow up with them via email or something. Great turnout, esp for a rainy evening.