Friday, June 20, 2008

. . . made great contacts

at the showing last night. The people who "get it" really do get it. I am encouraged and motivated to keep going forward. And it wasn't as horrible as I anticipated it would be . . . but then it never is, is it? It wasn't horrible at all, in fact. It was nice. . . I met an image consultant, but didn't schedule an appointment. I really don't need to project any kind of image in my basement. There was a jewelry lady, who offered me a sales job because I pointed out a necklace to another woman that would go with her outfit. There was a purse person, but since I already have a purse, I didn't get another (really, I will use a purse until it falls apart, the bigger the better.) I met a lady who probably knows half the population of the metropolitan area. . . and when my husband showed up unexpectedly, I introduce him to her. Together they know the entire population.
My family showed up, everyone from Betsy, Joe and Andy, to my lovely and beautiful daughter Stephanie, and my sister and her buddies from Topeka. Since it was Thursday, the weather was dreadful, as has been the custom for the last month or so. My sister said the tornado sirens were going off when they left Topeka, so traveling east they beat the storm to Overland Park. She has wonderful and fun friends, and I think they all enjoyed themselves.
Now I can start doing all the tasks I had put off until after the show . . . work on rehabbing the shade garden. . . start some new paintings. . . get the deck painted. . . oh, the list goes on. I think the show was just an excuse to put off some of these things. Now I'll have to think of a new excuse.


Martha Marshall said...

Glad the show went well, and that you made great contacts. Nice dress rehearsal for bigger and better things to come!

Oh. And the purse thing? I do not change purses to go with outfits. Same purse, different day.

Mary Buek said...

Martha, I hope you are right about the bigger and better. I liked your post about how you are going to approach your marketing. I need to make a plan, too. You are such an inspiration to me. Thanks so much.