Wednesday, June 25, 2008

. . . tried something different

There is a group on flickr called "Texture for Layers." The kind people who post to this group allow you to use their photos as layers in photoshop to enhance your creations. In the previous collages I created on the computer, I used my own photographs. However, I thought I would experiment with the stuff available in this flickr group for a change. The above picture contains my own photo with a texture layer provided by the group. I believe I will go looking for texture layers in my own photography.

The digital prints and collages I showed last Thursday generated some interest. A lot of people asked what the abstract images really were. Sometimes I couldn't remember, but when I told them, for instance, that a picture was a close-up of part of a trash bin or a piece of machinery, some just shook their heads and said, "I don't see it." Others expressed admiration that I managed to see a something of interest in such mundane objects.

Yesterday I met with a lady to price a new floor for the combined kitchen-eating area-family room. The carpet in that room is completely trashed, no hope of rescuing it. There are the remnants of many family meals, as well as oily residue from my husband's shoes; snow and mud and food spills from the kitchen to the barbeque grill and back into the house. It's probably a seething mess of germs and it has to go. For my own sanity, I want something that will be easy to clean up and won't show wear and tear. I think a hardwood floor (or one of the new faux wood fakes) will be the answer, with a dirt colored area rug under the eating area. If I could, I would just do concrete, but I suppose that is unacceptable (although I have seen wonderful etched and painted concrete floors that are beautiful.) Price must be a huge consideration, too. It's all very confusing, with installation, price per square foot versus price per square yard, stain treatment, real wood, fake wood, laminate. I will probably get tired of comparing these apples to oranges and just pull the trigger.

And yesterday I found out that some hospital somewhere wants to maybe buy some of my paintings. That would be sweet. Updates as they become available.


seth said...

I really love the depth you have achieved here.

Mary Buek said...

Thank you, Seth. You must have had an incredibly good time in Greece. What an adventure.