Monday, June 23, 2008

. . .featured Bruce Grant

san francisco september #6..., originally uploaded by bruce grant.

Again, I am featuring here a photograph, one of many, that I have marked as a favorite on my flickr site. Bruce Grant has a wonderful eye for the kinds of pictures I like, and I have "faved" many of his pictures. Every once in a while he posts a photomontage of his favorites. I know of twice that one of my pictures has been featured in his photomontages. I feel like I have accomplished something when one of my photos gets "faved" by Bruce.

It's the start of a new week, and I hope I can get to the basement/studio and get some art done. It's still a disaster area because of my preparations for the show last week, so the first order of business is reorganizing and cleaning up.

Yesterday I worked some more on the shade garden, setting the first layer of the stone border/retaining wall. I will rearrange and adjust the rocks until I'm pleased. There is a real talent to choosing and placing stones and I don't have it. Maybe someday I'll post a picture of the shade garden, but right now it looks like a tornado struck it.

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