Monday, June 2, 2008

. . . don't run circles

around and around, avoiding making art. Today is the day . . . and everyday from now on for a couple of hours, at least. I'm going to the basement/studio and I'm going to paint. I'm going to organize stuff for the womens' expo coming up in three weeks; I'm going to finish my little painting and start on the big one; I'm going to clean up the mess down there a bit; and I'm going to go through all my papers and get ready to make some physical (as opposed to digital) collages. I finally got Photoshop Elements 6 to work on the computer. . . seems pretty user friendly, but I also will undertake to learn that program.

I read a discussion on Flickr yesterday about preferences to the old-school type of collages (cut paper paste) and the digital collages. I would have been in the first, old-school camp until recently. Now I find that the digital collages also have their place. If nothing else, you can print them off, cut them up, paste them into the other kind of collages. I want to explore my options regarding my photograph, integrating it more into my art.

Okay, you've read this. . . now I have to follow through. I will keep you informed.


Martha Marshall said...

Yayy, I'm looking forward to your progress reports! I love all the things you have listed about digital collage and physical collage. Another one is taking it to yet another level. Scanned paint (or grunge) surfaces, printed and used in a collage, then scanned back in and more digital elements applied to that.

Hmmmmm. You've got me going here.

Mary Buek said...

Martha: So, okay, I'm with you on this and love the idea. But here are a couple of questions: Would you sell your digitals and if so would you print them yourself or would you send them somplace to print, like glicees? I'm kind of stuck at this point.

Martha Marshall said...

Mary, I scratched my head over that myself for a while, and then came upon a used Epson 2200 printer that uses archival inks, will print 13" wide by whatever length you choose (roll fed as well as sheet fed.) I think that one has been replaced by a newer version, but I hear it's just a great printer. I've loved what I'm getting with it.

Yes, I sell prints on my Etsy collage page

(Disclaimer: Not to be construed as self promotion, but as illustration.)