Wednesday, June 4, 2008

. . . fell in love

with this painting, even though it's not nearly done. And it's not always a good thing to fall in love with a work in progress. . . just like in life, it can cloud your judgment. But I really like this one so far. I would almost hang it up just the way it is, because I love the color and texture already. I'm back in the "artist mode" again; my fingernails are a lovely shade of yellow-red.

Here's a close-up shot that really doesn't show much, but I will throw it in here anyway. Do you have any idea how much paint and how many layers it takes to get to this??? I guess I forgot, because I haven't really done any large-sized paintings for a while. Or maybe I hadn't tried for this saturation level. Anyway, lots and lots of paint and layers. . . of course you know this if you are an artist.

In the meantime, here's another old painting from the days of yore. It is painted on a piece of wood, probably one of the very first I ever painted. The colors were inspired by an old board game box.

When I look back on this blog in the future, I want to remember that last night Obama was declared the Democratic "presumptive candidate" for the presidency. When I heard that on the news I got chills. . . it is a historic moment, perhaps long overdue. Either candidate selected by the Democrats would have been a first. I look forward to the day this election is over. Six more months.

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