Tuesday, June 10, 2008

. . . painted small again

To say that I was bummed about spending most of my art time last week on a failed painting would be to severely understate my mood. I needed to paint something and it needed to work or I would be questioning my chosen path and tempted to chuck it all and just vegetate. (It doesn't take much for me to be tempted to do that, does it?)

This is a little ten by ten painting. On Sunday afternoon I applied the texture layer, put the fan on it, and by noon on Monday, I was fairly confident that the layer was dry. I tried not to hurry, not to rush things, because I think that was my problem last week. I applied a layer of paint, then cleaned the kitchen; back down for another layer, then vacuumed; painted some more, then made the bed. This way, I ended up with a painting and a clean house. Cool.

I need to gradually work my way back to painting the bigger canvases. I have one more ten by ten to do, maybe today; then perhaps I will do a 20 x 20 and see how it goes; then onward and upward.


Martha Marshall said...

Bigger isn't always better is it! Very nice. They process you describe is just the way I work -- in small stages, with drying in between.

Mary Buek said...

I find that I love painting the smaller pieces. Maybe not instant gratification, but definitely a lot quicker gratification than the big ones. But man, when I big one works, it's great.