Monday, June 16, 2008

. . . shopped with Betsy

and Stephanie, my daughter. We went to Nell Hill's ( in Briarcliff Village, a lovely shopping area just north of downtown Kansas City. What a wonderful place to look for home furnishings and accessories. I had instructions to come home with a lamp for the family room . . . the one we had was possessed by spirits and chose to flicker on and off at its own whim. Stephanie need dishes, chairs, ideas, etc. Betsy just wanted to go with us. Betsy was the decided star. . . what a little personality for a three-year-old. Very well behaved, but nerve-wracking for her mother in a store filled with fiddly little things sitting everywhere just waiting to be touched, examined, broken. Betsy scored a pretty pillow for her bed in what was deemed "Betsy colors" by the staff: purple, lavender, pink, lime, yellow. Don't all little girls just love purple? When Stef was about Betsy's age, my mother-in-law gave her one of her old cardigan sweaters. It was royal purple with sequins all over the front of it. Stef couldn't get enough of that sweater. At her request, Betsy's mom and dad painted her room purple. Well, actually a lovely lavendar. With pink polka-dot petticoat curtains. I did buy a lamp and we now have consistent light. Then we went to Urban Arts & Crafts ( and Stef picked up some knitting supplies, while Betsy again charmed the staff and purchased a "Betsy" ring (see above for colors), stickers, clay, with one of her "monies" she carried in her little pink purse. Then for lunch at a pastry shop, where I had one pecan roll (absolute delicious) and Betsy had a mango drink named "Naked", which she thought was outrageously funny. Then home for a nap, then the family gathered for Father's Day supper, prepared by the father.
Thusday evening is the women's expo show. I still haven't solved some of my technical difficulties related to my display, but I'm pretty sure everything will work out . . . I have put off doing any new paintings to get ready for this event. I want to get back to painting and experimenting soon if for no other reason than to have some new art to show on this blog. Bear with me. I hope you enjoy the photographs in the mean time.

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