Sunday, June 8, 2008

. . . drove six hours

so there's nothing art related, or even interesting, to report today. I drove to the airport, drove to my daughter's house, drove to my mom's house, and then drove home. When I got home, I fixed myself a big strawberry daquiri . . . well, I opened a premixed pouch of the stuff and used my spoon to more or less eat it. . . ah, that did the trick. Two pieces of chicken and spinach pizza later, I was good to go.

So again I'm showing off some of my favorite photographs. Isn't there such a lot of art waiting for me to paint it? They are doctored pictures of my brothers' old white truck. Maybe I'll do a series of these, since the old blue church bus series has temporarily been retired.

Please go visit Martha Marshall's site, if you haven't already, and vote in her unscientific poll about whether she should keep coloring her hair . . . see her site on my sidebar. I would do a link here, but I forgot how to do that . . . how technologically challenged is that? Have a good Sunday; I see yardwork in my future, so I'm hoping for rain, and soon.


Anonymous said...

Whoa--I can't believe she wouldn't stay the night at your house. She kept telling me that she had a dr.s appointment on Monday--as if that made any difference. Why is everything so hard? Let's make a pact not to make things hard on anyone else, especially our kids.

Thanks for picking her up and taking her home yesterday.

Mary Buek said...

And she didn't tell me about the missing $$ either. Tried to give me gas $$ but I wouldn't take it. Hope you enjoyed the movie.