Wednesday, January 21, 2009

. . . spent the day

watching the inauguration proceedings and being proud: to be an American, to have voted for this man. Along with every other citizen, and perhaps the entire world, I wish for him the wisdom and strength to succeed despite the obstacles. I hope that he continues to inspire all of us to be the best we can be, to want to be more than what we are right now.

The Etta James version of At Last has been a favorite of mine for a long time. . . it's on my Ipod. Wasn't that first dance at the Neighborhood Ball just the best? Both Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are elegant. And don't you just love that the TV announcers always said "Vice President and Dr. Biden" when they were introduced?

Okay, on to art. . . I just didn't want anyone to think that I had paid no attention. To be honest, however, I think I was more inspired and moved the night the new president was elected. Maybe I expended all my emotional reserve at that point. . .

Here are the paint chips from Eddie Ross's first room. Yeah, I went to Home Depot and got as many of them as I could find. They were out of some, so I'll have to wing it. You can see where I tested my paint colors on the chips. I got pretty close. . . but not perfect.

This color scheme was really not such a stretch for me. These are colors I use regularly.

In reading the description on Eddie's blog, I learned that he would paint the floor in a checkerboard pattern, using cream and marigold, and that he would use dark brown wood and brass lamps. So that is why I used the cream color, the splashes of brown, and on the collage above, a bit of metallic brass paint. And since it was a library, I added a few words of text.

Fun to experiment with the paint colors and mixing different paint together to come up with something close. The next set of colors will be a challenge. . . there's pink involved. . .


Catherine said...

I was glued to the tv yesterday too....CNN got a little on my nerves but seeing the Obamas and Bidens as strong, loving families just made my day.

Jeane said...

wow! - I'd say you met the challenge and then some!

Mary Buek said...

Hi, Catherine, how are you doing? I'm with you on the Obamas and Bidens.

Jeane: Thanks. . . I appreciate it, assuming that you mean I met the challenge in a good way.