Friday, January 23, 2009

. . . tried the lavendar

Here are my attempts at collages derived from Eddie Ross's color schemes. Here's what Eddie had to say about this one:

Here we found inspiration for a dining room, full of rich, saturated color. The walls I'd lacquer magenta (Aruba Pink IB52), trimmed in gray (Natural Gray VM78). I'd do a modern glass dining table with traditional balloon back chairs covered in a marigold yellow mohair (Cypress VM27). The ceiling I'd paint cream, then hang an antique French chandelier, dripping with crystals.

I used a couple of my own photographs in these collages. The lavendar was not as hard to work with as I thought it might be. It's possible I'll use it again. I guess I forgot about the yellow. . . I'm going to take a break from these "forced" color schemes for a while and try to invogorate my own work. So far my challenge to myself has taught me to trust my own sense of color. Posted by Picasa


Margaret Ryall said...

I love both of these works, but especially the second one where you can see traces of branches. Then again I love any tint or shade of purple. These would be magnificent in my house. I also love gray. So, top marks from me on these.

Jazz said...

I loved this series...

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Mary, these are yummy. I especially like the one on the right. I love gray, and with the lavender it is very sophisticated. Working daily as you do is the best gift an artist can give them selves. Wow.

fontainefleurie said...

Hi Mary, I have been following your blog for a while and like to leave a comment right now. It is very interesting how you get your inspiration and where it will lead to. I like the idea of collages. Your choise of colours are so in balance. Anyway I love to see them! Just now I started a online course textured surfaces, but during the time doing the experiments I have noticed that I like the collage-method. At this moment my life is full of feltmaking. My creative blog is at
greetings Dorie

Mary Buek said...

Margaret: You want 'em, they're yours. Thanks for the top marks.

Jazz: Thanks so much for the compliment.

Leslie: That's me, for sure. . . sophisticated. I guess it just comes out in those little collages, huh? Thanks for the "yummy".

Dorie: I checked out your beautiful blog. . . I can't understand even one word, but the photographs are wonderful. I especially like the doors on the old buildings. Thanks for leaving a comment, I appreciate your visit. And I urge you to try some small collages, just for fun and inspiration.