Tuesday, January 13, 2009

. . . read collage books

I spent a couple of hours yesterday after I made the above collage reading some of the books I have on collage. Here is the list. . .

1. The Art and Craft of Collage, by Simon Larbalestier, published by Octopus Publishing Group Ltd in 1990. Besides having pictures of wonderful collages created by famous and not-so-famous (at least to me) artists, it has a section dealing with Mechanical Reproduction; the author shows how to use a photocopier or photographic equipment to create unique images and collages. In 1990, not everyone had a computer available. So many of these mechanical reproduction techniques are probably now obsolete with arrival of digital photography and photo-editing software widely available.

2. Collage Sourcebook, Exploring the Art and Techniques of Collage, published by Quarry Books in 2005. I especially enjoyed the sections on collagraphy and the work by Jennifer Berringer and Deborah Putnoi.

3. Creative Paper Art, Techniques for Transforming the Surface, by Nancy Welch, published by Sterling Publishing Company in 1998. Some basic information about techniques for creating papers, and useful to jump-start my own ideas.

4. Techniques and Exercise, Mixed Media, by Jose M. Parramon, apparently published in Spain in 1999. Interesting photos of Kurt Schwitters' collages "Objects in Space" and "Merzbild No. 31", using what the author calls "objets trouves", also known as scraps and leftovers. There is only one column devoted to frottage and grattage, both of which intrigue me.

5. Collages with Color; Create Unique Expressive Collages in Vibrant Color, by Jane Davies, published by Watson-Guptill Publications in 2005. This book leans more to craft applications, but still gives examples of methods of creating collage paper.

The collage above used as a background the beautiful old endpapers from a book I have that fell apart. I bought it that way, just to use the endpapers.


Jeane said...

good morning Mary - when I opened this page, I recognized the background of your collage, but couldn't place it - then when I read where you got the pattern from, I realized I have a book with the same end papers! I really like this piece - the pattern of the end papers really give this a more complex feel, don't you think? and I love Debra Putnoi's work - she has had numerous shows in Seattle

Martha Marshall said...

I have owned 3 or 4 collage books over the years and unfortunately they're missing in action. Lent out and not returned, most likely. Maybe I'll look for some used ones online.

Love your array of collages on Etsy.

Mary Buek said...

Jeane: I think that particular pattern for endpapers was popular back in the day. I truly love those old books. I looked up Deborah Putnoi on the internet yesterday...very interesting work. Now I have an idea of how she created some of her works. I couldn't find a website for Jennifer Berringer, though.

Martha: I wish you and I lived closer so we could trade books. Since I am self-taught, I have a ton of them, some of which I need to get rid of. My art bookshelf definitely tracks my interests and my progression. Thanks for the Etsy comment.

CMC said...

I really like this small collage.

It has been TOO long since I've done any myself. It's a wonderful respite from my larger scaled paintings. AND, it gives me new insight when I go back to painting to make and use color and shapes differently than I usually do.

Mary Buek said...

Cheryl: Thank you for your comment. I'm glad that you visited my blog. I've been one of your fans for a long time. It is fun to make these collages and I agree, it will give me a whole new perspective when I return to painting.

wipper said...

Hi I am Jennifer Berringer.. i have some blogs with some of the new collaged pass-along bookpages...stuff Ihave been workingon since my accident..we should link.. butI don't know how to do that
all the best. Jennifer

Mary Buek said...

Jennifer, I am honored to hear from you. I will put a link on my blog to the blog on which I see your collaged book pages. I would love to hear from you about your art career, your current work, and your accident. Please email me at marycbuek at aol dot com and we can hook up. I absolutely love the pieces that I saw in the book I referenced in this blog post, and I searched on line for a website or a blog but couldn't find anything. I am so glad to hear from you. Please keep in touch.