Tuesday, January 20, 2009

. . . decorated my blog

with pictures from a shelter magazine. . . no, I am in no way qualified to be the author of a design blog, but I am definitely a magazine junkie. In the past few years, however, I have narrowed down my favorites and only purchase them when I have funds to spare. I am still using the gift certificate from Christsmas to Barnes and Noble, and I thought I would share some of my favorite pieces of art from Better Homes & Garden "Beautiful Homes" magazine.

The above picture shows my favorite piece of art in this series. It's the entryway in a house in Toronto. It's a new home built by architect Wayne Swadron. The caption for the photograph states: "The clean, neutral gallery just inside the front door allows artwork to shine. 'Large, bold pieces look best against a simple background,' architect Wayne Swadron says." The photo was taken by Andreas Trauttmansdorff, and the article was written by Khristi S. Zimmeth.

This is the living room of a Nantucket home. The article is about scaled down living. But the house has 15,809 square feet, three levels and sits on 14 acres. I could find nothing in th article that credited the artist of either the oars or the piece above the fireplace, which was in the fold of the magazine. The photographer was Michael Partenio and the writer was Mindy Pantiel.

This is the dining area in a very contemporary home in Phoenix. These pieces caught my eye, because a long time ago I painted three similar boxes that I constructed myself. I still have a couple of them. They were being displayed but one fell and was destroyed when it was moved. Again, I could find no credit for the artist.

This shows a bedroom in the same Phoenix home. The painting above the bed looks very familiar, but no artist gets credit. It would be nice to at least mention the artist in the contents of the articles, don't you think? The writer was Erin Crawford and the photographer was Philip Harvey.

This photo was also the cover the magazine. The caption reads: "ART APPRECIATION: The shared firieplace, which separates the living/dining room from the sunroom, was designed to present Joan Miro's L'Ogre Enjoue as a colorful focal point." Well, I guess that makes a point, doesn't it? You must be an extremely famous artist to get a mention in House Beautiful. Not fair. the home is in Adrian, Michigan; the writer was Lance E. Vath and the photographer was again Andreas Trauttmansdorff.


Margaret Ryall said...

I thought you had a new blog design from your title.

I too am interested in home and garden magazines of all types and have found trading the ones I like with family members a great save. I find it very interesting to survey rooms to see what kind of art is hung. I think it gives artists an idea of what people have purchased (hopefully because they liked it, not because it matched the decor). I too hate it when the artist isn't mentioned.

I read a Canadian magazine called House and Home which almost always credits the artist and often tells which gallery the work came from. Lately, they have taken to featuring well- established Canadian artists which must be great for the artists in question. I get a double fix from this magazine, art and design.

Mary Buek said...

Margaret, sometimes I buy a design magazine just because there's some interesting art hanging on the walls. I agree, it's good to find out what kind of art people buy and how it gets displalyed in a home setting.

Jazz said...

16,000 sq.ft. on three levels. Interesting concept of scaled down living!!!

Mary Buek said...

Jazz: Exactlyl my thought.