Thursday, May 22, 2008

. . . toured my garden (Pt. I)

Go under the arch with the clematis vines scampering up and across, and the first thing to see is my favorite little statue of this little reader, under a mini redbud tree, next to a yellow rose, threadleaf correopsis, and a daylily.

Follow the path to the left and you come to this combo of peonies and Siberian irises.

Go around to the back of this patch on the path, and you can see the weigelia in bloom. A rose is tucked in there, not yet blooming, as well as some phlox and a daylily. You are looking back at the house, and you can see the small tomato patch that my husband plants every year with varying results, as well as the little KU Jayhawk flag. There are KU things everywhere in this garden.

While you are standing there, peek under the leaves of this tree peony and out pops this killer bloom. Simply jorgeous.

Walk a few steps and pause at the fork in the path. Look straight ahead back toward the redbud tree with the purple leaves. It has just dropped its blossoms. But another shrub is blooming like crazy, the best in years. Too bad I can't remember the name of that shrub. The green shrub on the right is a very cool one -- Virginia allspice. If you enlarge this picture, you will see the sweet little red blooms on it.

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